8 Awesome Instagram Tips for Writing a Fabulous Instagram Bio

Are you looking to improve your brand reach, user engagement, and sales on Instagram? If you said yes, then we are glad you have come to the right place.

Thousands of business and brand owners promote their products and services on Instagram every day. But the truth is only some of them are successful, and most of them struggle to get the attention of users.

Whether you are looking to get started with Instagram marketing or thinking of ways to improve your marketing success, here are a few tips and tricks you can follow to create a killer Instagram bio and ultimately generate more leads through your promotions.

The right procedure to set up your Instagram profile

First: Setting up your Instagram profile

1. Be consistent with naming

Your profile name is everything. What you are going to type here, whether it’s your name or your company’s name, will be seen by everyone when they visit your Instagram bio. Make sure you pick a professional name and not a funky, meaningless name for fun.

Whatever name you choose should be the same name on your other social media accounts as well. This will ensure consistency and help potential clients find you more easily on social media.

2. Do the same with your email address

Whichever email address you use to sign up on Instagram will be notified of any alerts or updates, so make sure you use the same email address for all your social media accounts. This way, you won’t miss any important alert or notification from your network.

3. Choosing a memorable username

Without a doubt, the very first thing that people will see when you comment on someone’s page or share a photo or video is your Instagram username. See to that your username truly correlates to your brand.

Additional Tip: One easy way to get someone’s attention is to tag them in your comments and posts. Use the ‘@’ symbol before their username, and they will be tagged in your updates, and get notified instantly.

4. Get texts by adding your phone number

If you hate the idea of getting updates in your mail inbox, it would be a good idea to use your phone number for notifications and updates.

5. Add gender only if it makes sense to do so

If you are running ads that are targeted towards a specific gender, then it makes sense to use gender mentions in your hashtags and updates to send an alert wave to users in your community. However, this is a sensitive thing so if you’re unsure or skeptical about including gender mentions, feel free to ditch the idea of having them in your updates itself.

6. Put real focus into creating an effective bio

Ah! The bio – this is where miracles happen. As you are probably aware, your bio is the only place where Instagram permits you to have a clickable link (to your website or blog). So, make sure you don’t miss to include your link in your Instagram bio.

Along with your bio, it also helps to include a very brief description of what you are offering and your contact details right below your website link to allow potential customers to contact you immediately.

7. Highlight your website with your one allowed link

Since Instagram allows only one clickable link in your bio, it becomes necessary that you put more thought into what you should be linking your bio to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your website or blog always; it can also be your landing page or sales page that helps potential customers complete their transaction.

Tip: To know how your links are performing and how much traffic they are driving to your website, be sure to use click-tracking tools.

8. Leverage reach with 'similar account' suggestions

Activating this feature means that your Instagram profile will appear predominantly in “suggestions” at the top of the home page when other users are looking for follow-worthy accounts.