9 Proven Strategies That Can Get You More Likes On Instagram

Are you promoting your business on Instagram? If you said yes, then here is some good news: Instagram recently rocketed past the 500 million user mark and is seeing an active user base of over 300 million users daily. That means your posts could be better noticed on the platform than on Twitter or Google Plus.

The Instagram growth, is no doubt, a boon for business owners but on the other hand, it also means one needs to find a way to get past tough competition to make an impact on the platform. In this post, we shall take a look at some ways by which you can get more likes and followers on Instagram.

#1. Stick to just one niche

The Instagram accounts that are most popular are the ones that concentrate on just one niche rather than two or more. For example, if you are promoting your travel blog, make sure you post a lot about things related to travel like budget holidaying, travel safety, and the world’s most beautiful places to travel instead of something not as relevant like dining or air fare. In other words, post more about the experience. This will help get your followers excited.

#2. Respond to comments

Successful marketers never miss a chance to convert a comment into a lasting relationship. Make sure you respond to comments posted by the audience. Appreciate them for the sensible questions that they ask and give them the best answer. If you do this regularly, you might end up converting comment-posters into followers in no time. And a loyal following also means more likes for your updates.

#3. Use hashtags

Anyone who is interested in your products/services would simply use relevant hashtags to find what they are looking for. Using targeted hashtags in your descriptions can help maximize your chances of being noticed by more people, and eventually increase your chances of picking up more followers.

To get an idea of what hashtags could be most appropriate for your posts, make sure to visit your top competitors’ profile and make a list of keywords that could improve your reach on Instagram. You can learn these tips for better hashtag marketing.

#4. Post consistently at peak intervals

Successful Instagram businesses like Web Profits recommend posting content thrice a day to generate better response from the audience. The company says that even after you’ve gained a considerable following on the platform, it’s important to keep posting regularly so that they come and check your updates and not head to one of your competitors’ account.

Regular content posting also gives you the opportunity to experiment with various content types and increase your profile engagement in the process. Successful businesses say that content posting should never cease no matter how small or big a brand you are. For best results, make sure you identify the peak time for content posting based on your target audience and schedule your posts at that time. A business that doesn’t post for days loses its followers and also the opportunity to convert them into customers. So make sure to sort out content marketing needs at the earliest.

#5. Post quality images

There is no better way to boost user engagement than posting great photos – not boring photos but the ones that have great effects to back up meaningful content baked with the powerful words that entice the user to take action, or at least hit the heart-shaped button.

Posting quality images is particularly important for Instagram promotion because unlike Facebook and Twitter where text content dominates photos, here visuals play the key role in determining your marketing success rate.

Don’t hesitate to use different filters and effects but when it comes to colors, see to that there is consistency. That is very important for brands. Take the case of Coca Cola which uses Red and white throughout its promotions.

#6. Use paid Instagram ads to gain massive coverage

Paid Instagram Ads are a hot option to let your content go viral on the platform. It can work wonders for your campaign if you have an interesting story of your brand and great visual content to entice potential customers into visiting your profile. Even if not a story, you might have some interesting offers and gifts that people could be interested to take advantage of. Instagram Ads have yielded impressive results for a number of brands from around the world.

Web Profits is a notable agency that ran a paid Ad to promote a meeting that was hosted by Billionaire Sir Richard Branson. The company stated that they generated over 3000 leads for their email marketing campaign for less than $1 per lead, which is a phenomenal opportunity to boost traffic and sales.

The best part is even small businesses can increase their conversion dramatically using the paid Ad option. There are Ad options catering to different businesses, which you learn more about by visiting the site’s Ad section.

Here are some ways to drive better results using Instagram Ads:

1. Chances are that you might have purchased database of your target audience from a third-party or generated them using web scraping techniques. Now that you will be sending them emails and Whatsapp messages, make sure to include your Instagram profile URL to give them a chance to visit your gallery and interact with you.

2. Remarketing is another reliable technique widely used by successful marketers. Once you keep getting visitors to your blog or website, it makes sense to include your Instagram pictures or short videos on your website, so your mobile visitors can easily land on your profile at the push of a button.

In addition to your website, also make sure to promote your Instagram photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter. This will help increase your social media coverage dramatically.

3. Once you’ve gained a sizeable following using the above two techniques, you could consider running a paid Ad campaign to take your reach to the next level. Azily can boost your Instagram success in 2017 through several methods all available on their website.

#7. Copy ideas and curate great content

Instagram is a great place for inspiration too. Explore your competitors’ advertisements and find amazing ideas that you can curate and post on your timeline. It’s not necessary that you must always be innovative to succeed with Instagram marketing. It’s the results that matter the most, and using your intelligence to create quality posts can certainly help you get there.

#8. Be yourself too

Once you start getting more likes and followers by posting curated content, it’s likely that you will get excited and want to repeat the same. However, let’s not forget that lack of innovation could also hurt the trust of people on your brand promotions. Make sure you utilize your marketing team to deliver creative, interesting content that will get the message out to the audience.

#9. Give your audience a sneakpeak of what’s on behind the camera

Successful businesses take the opportunity to show their target audience how their products are manufactured, who is working behind the scenes, and how much effort they are putting to give their customers the best product or service. No matter what business you are into, you can always post some behind-the-scenes pictures and establish a personal connection with your audience. In turn, that will blossom into more followers and likes for your account.


Irrespective of your business size or niche, these techniques will definitely help you to attract new followers and likes, so your chances of succeeding are pretty high. The bigger your network is and the more active your followers are, the better are your chances of seeing bigger sales numbers. Wish you great luck with your marketing campaign!