The Ultimate Guide To Power Ahead Of Your Blogging Competition on Instagram

Making big, bold headlines is not something new to Instagram, a fast-growing social network which was originally launched as a small mobile app for sharing photos. A few months ago, the social network went past the 500-million user mark surpassing Twitter and LinkedIn and putting smiles on the face of millions of business owners who are promoting their products/services on the platform. The opportunity to reach out to more people is just getting bigger by the day!

Okay, what does the Instagram juggernaut mean for business owners and bloggers worldwide? Well, the increased (in fact, increasing) user base gives marketers the opportunity to boost user engagement and attract more visitors to their blog/website. Great photos breed more likes, shares, and comments which could automatically translate into more followers for your account. With more followers, your chances of getting noticed on the platform get bigger which means more publicity and sales. So, whether you are trying to generate ad revenue or affiliate sales from your blog or sell your own products/services to the people, Instagram is a great place to advertise your stuff.

Okay, but why Instagram over other social media networks?

That’s a good question. There are multiple other sites out there offering advertising opportunities, but when it comes to engagement and conversion, nothing beats Instagram, which is the most preferred visual marketing platform(October 2017) . When other sites that rely on text based ads fail to produce the desired results, Instagram with its added engagement muscle power continues to help marketers achieve their sales goals much faster.
Why You Need Instagram for business promotions

No matter what you are selling, if you want to make more money, you must spread the word about your product to as many people as possible. As for bloggers, Instagram is a great platform to pick up more followers and connect with influential bloggers from their niche industry. Businesses can use the platform to promote special features, discounts, and offers and sell their products to more people.

How Instagram improves the trustworthiness of a business?

Plain as day, your network is your net worth. The more followers you have, the more will be your website traffic and response to your ads, and that’s what translates into big sales days. Instagram offers you a cost-free way to post images and videos of your products and services and get more customers for your business.

Brand Watch conducted a study and found that 48.8{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of brands are promoting their stuff on Instagram, and have estimated the figure to rise up to 70{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} by 2017.

When your competitors are making money with Instagram marketing, you don’t want to be left out, right?

There are innumerable benefits of using Instagram to promote your business, the biggest being the increased engaged factor. Photos and videos are extremely viewer-friendly when compared to text content, so your chances of getting noticed and keeping your audience on your profile are pretty high on the platform. In turn, that will lead to more likes, comments, and shares for your updates, which is considered the stepping stone of success for any social media promotion.

It has been found in a recent study that the engagement rate of visual content on Instagram is ten times higher than Facebook and 84 times more than that of Twitter. Here are simple techniques you can refer to find your brand engagement rate on Instagram.

Tips to get results with Instagram marketing

Quality content is what drives people to your account and make them stay. Therefore, your first focus should be crafting quality content with great visuals. Once you have great content, you can drive positive results with smart marketing. Here are more techniques on how you can drive more traffic and leads on the platform.

Instagram Marketing Techniques

Start by planning the primary goal of your marketing campaign. Through Instagram marketing, do you wish to get more visitors to your site? Or drive more sales? Or get people sign up for your newsletters? Figure out whether your aim is to drive traffic or sell a product through your website or blog.

The next step is to identify potential customers or visitors who can generate results for your efforts. On that note, here is a piece of information that could be helpful for you:

The Instagram population comprises 55{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} female users and 45{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} male users.

Through various tools and studies, it has been observed that 33{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of the total Instagram-mers fall in the age group of 25 to 34, while 34{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} are aged between 18 and 24, and teens in the category of 12 to 17 years of age make up 20{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of the total Instagram population. Not so surprisingly, the older lot aged over 45 comprises only 5{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of the total 500+ million user base. So, it’s pretty clear that Instagram is a boon for businesses targeting the younger generation and bane for companies targeting the older audience.

To sum things up, in the above two steps we have figured out two things: determining marketing objectives and identifying target audience. Cool, the next step is to find ways to entice the younger audience and make them your loyal followers.

Youngsters are always fond of beautiful colors and eye-catching effects, which is one reason why Instagram is such a big success among the millennials. This is exactly the opposite in case of elderly; they like simple plain colors and visuals with lots of emotions. Now that you are probably focusing on younger audience, it becomes necessary to create stunning photos and videos that get insane attention on Instagram.

Once you manage to get people visit your account and impress them with quality content, you will be able to generate more engagement for your posts, which one of the most important factors relating to earning the trust of the audience. Any business account with thousands of likes and followers is seen as a reputable one by the public.
Of course, there are different ways of creating ‘awesome’ content for Instagram promotions. One of them is to use your own creativity and surprise your audience and the other is to take a cue from your industry rivals. This requires in-depth research though. Start by exploring the most popular content in your niche industry and what’s special about them. Figure out what captions are triggering high response in the form of comments and debates.

Identifying what works and what doesn’t is one way to improve the overall performance of your campaign. If you wish to go the extra mile, don’t hesitate to explore deeper into your competitor’s profiles and find out the elements that can be added so their content looks much better and perfectly apt for your promotions.

Ultimately, it all comes down to giving the audience what they like. So, let’s sum up the strategies discussed above:

1. A powerful content marketing strategy
2. Regular updates posted at peak intervals
3. Content calendar to schedule event-friendly posts
4. Visually-enticing content to mesmerize your audience

Tools To Make Your Instagram Marketing Campaign A Breeze

From scheduling content to editing visuals to reporting and content curation, there are over 30 tools you can use to save your Instagram marketing time. Do check out the list!

If you are reaching out to a couple of hundred followers with manual promotion, then using these tools can help you reach out to almost six to ten times the people in the same time.

Also, do not underestimate the power of hashtag marketing. Make it a point to have up to 15 hashtags in your posts, that is, the ones that are closely related to the products or services that you are offering or the blog that you are promoting. Having 30 hahstags is considered spam too! So, stick to a limit of around 12-15 hashtags per post for better visibility and credibility.

Next comes tagging. You can tag influencers and notable personalities in your posts to notify them of something and even get a quick response.

Also, don’t feel shy to follow accounts that have followed you, especially the ones with a following that is bigger than yours. This could blossom into a friendly relationship as well!

Above all, make sure that you keep track of your marketing results. Test with multiple techniques and keep picking up more likes and followers on Instagram.


Keeping the above factors in mind, it’s easy to conclude that Instagram is indeed a powerful marketing platform where you can fish unlimited customers if you use the right strategy.

Have you got the ball rolling? What strategies are you planning to implement in your campaign? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments. Happy Instagramming!