Instagram with a subscriber base in excess of 500 million has become a huge market that many business owners are exploring in today’s world. The sheer size of the market reach that Instagram offers is such that makes it a veritable ground that any fashion brand can optimize to secure a sizeable market share.

Anyone who desires to maximize the Instagram platform in order to deepen a fashion brand should consider the following carefully:

Be Consistent with Filters

The platform to showcase images that Instagram makes available is one that requires tact and business-savvy. It is easy to think all images can draw attention but the truth is that your account is only one out of 500 million, so what can you do differently?

Pixilated images are a no-no and this means that you are not just going to post just any images without careful evaluation. But beyond this, your images need to portray a common hue so that any user on your page can identify with your signature images.

To get the same image resolution, clarity and hue, you need to adopt one or two image apps to filter your images so that you can brighten or heighten their clarity to the delight of your followers.

Portray a Sense of Elegance

Everyone loves elegance and talking about this in the fashion sphere, there can be no better platform to highlight this. In a world where the millennial are getter stronger in their purchasing power and overall percentage of discretionary purchase, some elegance will be needed to make a headway using your Instagram account.

Be deliberate about the images you are going to use to showcase your products or services and make sure there is a hint of distinction. It is commonly acceptable to display use-generated images when promoting your products but if you must do so, make sure you are selecting only the elegant ones.

Let your Instagram page leave a desire for more in your followers and a portrayal of elegance can help you make this happen so seamlessly. Using your filters, highlight angles when you post images and if it means size reduction, do so and display what matters most.

Go for a Range of Images and Videos

The Instagram craze might not have been foretold but images have a way of catching everyone’s attention across the globe. What has kept the number of Instagram users burgeoning over the years? The unending flow of images means there is something new or different to see.

The Instagram showcase can boost your fashion brand if you look out for an array of videos and images that run in sync with your product, ideology or service. Fashion products are better appreciated when a semblance is presented so the user can see how it might fit when in use.

An ideal array will include self-generated, user –generated and other curated sources as long as they meet your expectations. Remember to give credit to each image source to avoid usage infringement.

Identify Brands and Tag Them

The pace of today’s world might have gone exponential but no one does it better running alone. The idea of passive or active collaboration makes it necessary to tag followers and brands when you post your images. A follower who sees your tag can repost same so that his friends and followers can see it; thereby extending your brand reach.

Brands are easily followed and if tagged in an elegant post, there is a chance that you will get a repost that will further boost your brand. For example, if you tag a brand like Gucci, it is almost inestimable to gauge the mileage you will enjoy if you get a repost by this global brand.

Influencer marketing doesn’t always have to come pricey as Instagram provides a playing field that many users utilize to pay a good turn: just for the goodwill.

Use Selfies in Limited Sense

Selfies are part and parcel of the Instagram showcase but there is a need to have it in check so that your business image can loom larger for the best outcome. Your use of the platform in this case is to make it easier for Instagram users to appreciate your products or services.

Using your personal images to dot your brand page is self-defeating as your followers are likely to tire out easily if this persists. The random use of selfies should be such that only highlight occasions when they project your brand and remember that it always sounds better when another sings your praise.

Use Your Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a modern day phenomenon and they have caught on like wildfire on social media. The most important component of hashtags is the fact that they are aggregated by search engines such that whatever gets tagged are all bundled in a specific “room”.

When anyone goes online in search of a term or tag, the results are such that the content of the “room’ pops up. For example, whatever gets tagged on #mothersday is likely going to take on a life of its own.

When such events or trending hashtags show up, there is a tendency that millions of social media users will latch on. Following this, you should identify some images that sync with your product and hashtag them accordingly.

Leverage on Iconic Images

Celebrities with evergreen essence like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Donna Karan, etc are eye-catching and are ready examples of what can be viewed as iconic. It is amazing how recognizable these people are and how much they can boost your brand.

The fine line that needs to be drawn in using this nugget is to ensure that you always credit the source of your images. On social media, intelligent use of celebrity images does not correspond to using the images to brand your product. A thin line is there for you to explore and be smart to get it done.