How To Get More Likes, Shares, And Followers And Increase Your Instagram Reach

Is your Instagram marketing game not progressing? Are you seeing a drop in your following? Well, if that’s the case, then check out these techniques to dramatically increase your likes, shares, and followers in less time.

Tip  #1. Use trending hashtags

It’s no secret that hashtags are one of the most important tools that determine the success of any Instagram marketing campaign. If you didn’t know, then you better stop and check out this post and come back.

Hashtags are like keywords that will help your followers and even people outside your network to find your posts and check out your account. Do you have more followers than your competitors? If not, then make sure you buy Instagram followers and outrank your competitors so you get more attention on the network.

To improve your marketing reach, it’s important that you find the best hashtags that are relevant to your posts. Take a look at the most popular hashtags that are helping individuals and business owners to get more followers.

Tip #2. Use the right number of hashtags

Instagram allows its users to include up to 30 hashtags per post, but doing that regularly is one of the easiest ways to be make people think that you are another spammy marketer. Big brands don’t post 30 hashtags per post. Instead, they use around 11 hashtags to improve user interaction. If required, you can go up to 15, but stick to it to and ensure that they are highly relevant and targeted to what you’re posting.

Tip #3. Cross-promote your Instagram account

If you haven’t done it already, then I suggest you integrate your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get more direct visitors. Without any doubt, people love visual content and since Instagram lets you much better photos than Facebook and Twitter, it makes sense to show your followers on other channels what you’ve got on your Instagram account. Let’s say you have two thousand friends on Facebook and one thousand on Twitter. There is a very good chance that cross-promoting your Instagram account on those channels could get you 500-1000 more followers.

Tip #4. Like other people’s updates

A simple human psychology is that, when you are generous to someone, they will return the favor. It works really well with social media marketing too. Make it a point to ‘like’ other people’s photos on a regular basis. Neil Patel tells us that out of every 100 likes that he gave, he got back 21.7 likes and 6.1 followers. Worth the effort, isn’t it?

Tip #5. Leverage your existing connections

Make sure you notify your blog visitors that you’re active on Instagram. For this purpose, it makes sense to use tools like Follow Button and Instagram Badge, which are designed to help people track the Instagram account of the owner.

Tip #6. Embed your Instagram photos onto your blog

Another great way to direct your blog visitors to your Instagram account is to embed your photos onto your landing page. If you didn’t know, embedded images will feature your username and make it easy for people to find your Instagram account.

Tip #7. Leave thoughtful comments

Apart from liking other people’s updates, leaving thoughtful comments is another effective way to get their attention. It’s simple logic that the more you interact and the more frequently people start seeing your name on their comments, the higher are the chances of them wanting to visit your account.

Make sure you have a catchy description and your website/blog link updated on your bio so that visitors can directly visit your landing page and get to know more about your promotions.

Tip #8. Engage with your competitors’ audience

One of the best known secrets about finding target audience for any business is that you need to “check out your competitors’ account”. You’ll find targeted customers that leave comments, like photos, and share updates on your competitors’ account. Instagram lets you view the list of people who have interacted on any update, so it’s not going to be very hard for you to find potential customers for your business. Once you do, make sure to follow them and like their updates to establish a relationship with them. Once they start liking your updates, the next best thing you can do is send them a direct message and try to make them your customers.

In Closing

So, that’s it from us for now! Eight easy and effective techniques to help you get more likes, shares, and followers on Instagram. What do you think? Comment your thoughts and feedback below. Thanks for reading!