Do you find yourselves struggling to create new content to share on your Instagram account? Letting your Instagram account stagnate will adversely impact your presence on the platform. But, posting content that is uninteresting and not engaging will not do you any good as well.

Reposting content that is originally uploaded by others can act as the right tool to get the most out of Instagram Marketing. This way, it will be easier to find quality content that will be engaging for your audience.

Reposting can also make your account more active, and dramatically improve the engagement of your target audience. So, how do you repost effectively? Let’s take a look.

Share User-Generated Content With A Brand Hashtag

This is one of the easiest methods to get quality content. You can make use of your already existing fan base to get more content. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a branded hashtag. This way, your followers are encouraged to share content related to your brand. This also helps in expanding awareness about your brand as the message will reach your non-followers as well.

Explore the posts using your branded hashtag and share pictures which are engaging and of high quality. This is an excellent way to showcase the customer experience regarding your service or product. The user generated content also boosts your authenticity.

You can create more excitement around your brand by holding contests. If you create a specific hashtag for your contest, you can attract good content. You can offer prizes or discounts to the viewers to make the contest more engaging

The more you encourage your users to use the branded hashtag, the easier it will be to get quality content worth sharing.

Pull From Other Sources

User generated content is not the only way ahead. You can also attract quality content related to your business by searching for content related to your industry and asking the user permission to post on your feed.

Other social media like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, can act as resources for quality content, you can also utilize comments on your blog or reviews if it is worth posting. You can also search for content in similar photo sharing platforms like Imgur.

Even though these methods need you to put more effort than a typical repost, it will also provide more value to your Instagram account. A snippet from a positive review combined with a quality image is a good way to add more weight to your marketing strategies.

Follow The Repost Etiquette

Whenever you are going to repost, it is important that you give ample credit to the who posted the content initially. You are also supposed to ask permission of the OP (Original Poster) before sharing it via your Instagram account.

Many users will be thrilled to attract more exposure through your Instagram account as well. If you just tag the person who posted the image, you are not giving adequate attribution. It is important to add their handle to the caption and indicate in the caption who the original poster is.

You can also use apps like Latergramme to curate and plan out your posts. Latergramme’s Search and Repost can help you look for content by the user, hashtag or location. It is directly added to your media library from where you can post or schedule into your feed. The application also adds photo credit directly into the caption, making the process easy and straightforward.

Implementing these Instagram strategies can ensure that your account will not go idle. If you want to increase your follower count to maximize engagement, you can buy Instagram followers as well. By repurposing and reposting content, You can expand your target audience, gather more engagement and build a connected and successful platform for your business.