Instagram stories can be pivotal in expanding your Instagram presence

From the viewpoint of a small business looking to expand its presence on Instagram, the Stories feature is a boon. Instagram Stories cater to the already existing follower base of your brand on Instagram. This way, you need not start from scratch and won’t drain much of your resources. At the same time, it is engaging and fun as well.

Let’s take a look at how to supercharge your small business using Instagram Stories.

Results Are Just A Few Clicks Away

It is important to consider the fact that your brand already has followers who opted to see your content – fan base that is active. So, it is important to give them better content and added value. It will help in strengthening the relationship your brand has with the followers. Instagram Stories, as a feature, is intuitive and, users need not install a new application to get this feature.

The application is similar to the Stories feature on Snapchat. But, many find it very complicated due to its unique ways of communication, making it difficult for brands to use it. On the other hand, Instagram Stories will find it easy to get a more diverse audience. As a small business owner, you will primarily look at the local audience as your target, people who will engage in real and use your services or buy your products. That niche audience might already be present on Instagram and will be easier to reach.

Why Is It Crucial To Have A Strategy?

A well-executed plan will help you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t have a concept or goal in mind, you will likely end up with a story that doesn’t have a storyline. If you have a perfect strategy in place, it will make the whole thing very easier. You will also know what and why you are posting on a particular day and the desired outcome that it might bring.

Having a strategy in place makes sure that your content is exciting, fresh and most importantly consistent. If you post quality content four times daily, you have achieved the goal for the day, and you can call the day successful. The better and engaging your content is the better your placement on Instagram Stories will be.

Show The Human Side Of Your Business

Instagram can be considered as the museum of the modern day. It’s the depiction of the moments you love and are worth sharing with others.

For the same reason, it could be hard for brands to showcase their human side. Instagram Stories pave an opportunity to showcase the human aspect of the brand.

While using Instagram Stories, brands can focus on engagement of followers in 2016 rather than the promotion of services or products. This ensures that a sense of trust is established between the brand and the supporters. You need not worry about over posting as your goal is engagement. To increase the personal touch and creativity, you can introduce emojis, filters, drawings and even texts to your Stories. These behind the scene moments which are original will help in establishing a more personal connection. And, as a matter of fact, your brand will attract more fans and, of course, more clients.

How To Create Unique Content For Instagram Stories?

Content creation is a step where many of us could struggle. You might wonder whether to put content similar to the ones you already post or should it be different. The most important thing to do is to get content that is engaging and unique. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate Instagram Stories into your content strategy.

Behind The Scenes

You can concentrate more on behind the scenes content. To make your followers feel special, you can give them much needed valuable content that will only be present in Instagram Stories. For example – If your small business is a local photo studio, you can impressively showcase the photos you click with your followers. Your fans can also give you a suggestion through direct messaging. So use Stories as a platform to get their suggestions on what they would like to see on your feed, what should improve, which is their favorite picture etc. Make them feel more like members than followers. Introduce them to the social media team or the team running your business.


You can organize contests or giveaways which are exclusive through Instagram Stories. This way, you can regularly update the Stories with quality content that is not available anywhere else. This can also act as a chance for your followers to be benefited out to win something by following your brand.


Everyone loves exclusive content. If you give your users a sneak peak into the future, it will help in creating a buzz around your business or brand. You will be able to induce more interest among your followers if you are creative. Think why your followers find the content you post engaging, which part of your business is of most value to them. These questions can act as the groundwork for your upcoming project. You can use Stories to give a hint daily.

Example –Announce that the next day, there will be a secret discount code in your story. This way, you will attract engagement on your post and also boost your sales.

These guidelines can very well be the training wheels to your journey towards increasing your Instagram views and reach. The more you use it the more you benefit and better you will become. There is no room for disappointment even if you do not get the desired result in the beginning.

Experimenting with the audience can tell you the preferences of your audience. Instagram Stories are perfect for small business as you can create connections with real people and get valuable and genuine insight. After all, the more engaging your brand is, the better your business will be.