5 Insightful Instagram Stats That You Should Know

An article published on eMarketer last year made some interesting predictions on Instagram growth, and the app seems to be well on track to dismantle some big names and meet its estimates by 2017. This year, it went past the 500-million user mark and proved the online world why it’s a giant force to be reckoned with.

One of the most interesting predictions made by eMarketer was that Instagram would outrank Twitter and Google in US mobile ad revenues by 2017 generating $2.81 billion in sales. Whether team Instagram read it or not, they have rolled out close to a dozen features this year to get their users excited. Getting to know these stats can be highly beneficial when you sit down to devise a powerful marketing strategy for your business. Of course, nothing beats the idea of choosing to buy Instagram followers but along with followers and likes, making some adjustments in your strategy can help you get the best of both worlds.

Here are some insightful Instagram stats that you should be aware of.

Stat #1: The top 100 brands on Instagram post 5.5 times per week, and on an average. 43{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of them post every day.

Tip: This is pretty straightforward. Big brands rely on strong content posting strategy to keep their audience engaged. If you are promoting your business on social media, it’s important that you post regularly and the same rule applies to Instagram marketing as well. The site has over 500 million active users as of 2016, and every user follows multiple accounts to get more updates on things that they like to share or stuff they are looking to buy. So, to stay on their feed, you must keep posting regularly.

Stat #2: 50{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of Comments on Instagram Are Posted in the First Six Hours

Tip: After you’ve posted an image or a video, you’re likely to get the maximum number of comments in less than six hours after you’ve posted it. If you fail to get people talk in that time, then you’re probably going to miss the boat. What this means is that, instead of creating in a hurry and sharing it on your account, you must put more time and effort into it. Make sure you use social media tools to find out what your audiences are liking, and create posts accordingly.

Stat #3: Adding a Location Results in 79{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} Higher Engagement

Tip: Again, this is quite easy to understand. People like to know what’s up for sale in their city and what the next biggest event is going to be in their area. So, using location-specific hashtags and captions in your posts helps to a great extent. Going by what we’ve seen from the big brands, it would be safe to say that using locations in your posts could help increase your likes and shares, and engagement dramatically.

Stat #4: @mentions in Captions Receive 56{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} More Engagement

Tip: Using @mentions is one of the most effective ways to get someone’s attention on Twitter. Incorporate the same strategy in your Instagram posts to notify influencers and your followers of your special offers. It will help build trust and recognition for your business.

Stat #5: The average characters used per caption is 138 including hashtags, but there is no major link between caption length and engagement.

Tip: This is probably something you could try to figure out on your own. Trial and error or A/B testing is the most trusted way to find out the interest of your audience, and the same applies to Instagram as well. Use multiple caption lengths, try a different combination of hashtags in every post and see which one gets more likes. However, it’s good to keep your captions as brief as possible. Measure the results, and choose the winning combination to take your marketing campaign to the next level.


There you have it: some reliable ways to up your engagement on Instagram. Incorporate the above-mentioned techniques, see the result and please do come back and share your experience with our readers. Cheers!