Instagram has been growing in popularity in the magnitude of the tens of millions of users annually, increasing the more time that goes by! It will never cease to draw attention to your brand, that is, if you know how to work with it. Here are ten helpful tips and tactics that you should know about using Instagram to make people love your brand.

#1 – Decide on an Underlying Visual Motivation for Images Posts

Users on Instagram respond best to clean and beautiful imagery. This is not very surprising, as the human brain is capable of taking in much more information in pictures than words and in just a few seconds too.

Choose an underlying motivation that connects all your Instagram posts through time, something that you want to continuously evoke in the viewer and connect to your brand. This could be joy, nature, inspiration, motivation, love, any emotion that you want to associate with your brand. This also shows your humanitarian side to your followers and makes them love you brand for being more than just a news feed.

#2 – Aim For Full Engagement With Your Followers

The more engagement you sow with your followers, the more you shall reap in return. Engaging also keeps you up to-date with what your specific target audience enjoys. Like, follow back, repost posts related to your own and respond to comments; you will have a good following in no time.

Other tactics to engage with your audience revolve around the writing in the caption. The writing there is not as important as the picture or video, but leaving a question or a challenging statement usually invites engagement back. Basically, as astounding as it may seem, being social improves the lovability of your brand!

#3 – Don’t Spam on Instagram!

Don’t overwhelm your following with post upon post of your fabulous products, services or promotions! People do not like having the door-to-door sales person in their faces every minute. Keep your posting frequency as moderate as possible while still maintaining a fine balance of reminding people about your brand.

Posting 1-2 business promotions per week is enough and posting 2-3 other kinds of engagement posts will work the best.

#4 – Use Hashtags to Your Advantage

Take full use of popular hashtags relevant to your brand to increase your following. If I were to take this blog post and market on Instagram, I may use the hashtags #marketingtips #instagram and #trend.

You can also create your own branded hashtags, such as #PathwayToPassiveIncome and see who else is engaging with your unique hashtag. Get a community to support your branded hashtag as well!

Hashtags will be picked up in a search whether in the comments section or the caption section of your post.

#5 – Post Videos Too From Time To Time

Users love visual content and visual content is not just restricted to images. Videos that are short (less than 3minutes) are usually remarkable tools for creating user engagement. Make sure your videos are very good quality and impart value to the viewer. Value to a user could be learning new facts, making viewers laugh or sharing inspiration and beauty with all. Make sure the content is relatable to both the viewer and the brand. That way, your users are more likely to comment, like and share, as well as be converted into customers.

#6 – Use the Instagram Tools Available to You

Instagram comes with in-built tools that allow you to edit a photo with a number of amazing special effects to go with it. Build your look with the help of these customisations and make your brand really unique and creative. You can change the colour, add effect overlays or text to your photos to make them more attractive, thus making more people love your brand.

#7 – Entice People To Promote Your Brand With Competitions or Raffles

This is a really fun idea for businesses to execute. Run a competition, raffle or even a free giveaway and get people to advertise your brand for very little to no price at all! A way in which to do this is to create a hashtag unique to the raffle or competition and get users to use the hashtag to stand a chance to win something free. You can also get people to tag as many friends as possible to win or repost and/or buy instagram likes for your promotion.

#8 – Improve Your Success With Iconosphere

Iconosphere allows you to check out the user engagement statistics on your account. Understand what posts work and what don’t and note that so you can eventually achieve consistent brand success on Instagram.

Some people like to use to abbrieviate their profile links and then track the engagement through that site. This is because Iconosphere can’t track link clicks and no posts have links in them anyway. All traffic to your site is done via one link on your profile page, which actually is another reason Instagram is fast becoming so popular.

#9 – Pin Point Your Brand’s Location And Engage Locally

Many businesses need the support of their local clients in order to survive. Add your location to posts and get your local clients to get more of your posts and engage with you. Use hashtags appropriate to your brand’s area too.

To really boost engagement in your local community, post coupons, rewards or offers on Instagram only and get people to follow you just to see what’s new. Don’t forget to update these local users about events occurring within your area where your brand will be attending or that you are hosting.

#10 – Collaborate With Other Brands That People Love

What is more lovable to a user than their favourite feed on Instagram? Two of their favourite feeds responding and being social towards one another! Find another cause or brand that supports your brand and collaborate with them to noticeably increase your engagement.

The other brands followers will most likely find your brand just as appealing. The more your brand can work synergistically with the other, the more likely this will be the case. Cross promoting, re-posting and engaging with other brands are all ways to quickly increase your brand’s lovability.