5+ Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Sometime ago, Instagram rolled out a new feature called Instagram Stories, which many consider as being something similar to Snapchat Stories. Regardless of their similarities, using this newly added feature could be a great way for users to promote their products or services on the platform and get direct responses from people. Let’s learn how to use it for business promotions.

Before that, here are some reasons why Instagram stories are probably a better choice than Snapchat Stories.

Instagram vs. Snapchat

Instagram has double the time more users than Snapchat, so the chances of your stories going viral are pretty high with the former than the latter. Also, Instagram generates more engagement than any other social media channel.

These two reasons are more than enough for anyone to have faith on the platform and start creating stories for their business.

5+ ways businesses can take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature

1. Short-Term Games And Contests

Bigger promotions like Instagram contests and sponsored Ads could give you a reason to buy Instagram followers. Why not reward your best followers, especially the ones that are frequently liking your updates, with a quick game or a contest created through Instagram Stories? This is one of the best ways to not only thank your followers but also encourage them to come back for more.

2. Special Promotions

Do you have a special discount or offer that you would like to promote on Instagram? Well, then you have another reason to make your loyal followers feel more special. Use Instagram stories to alert them of any time-sensitive offers that you have. This could be particularly beneficial during festive seasons considering the fact that Instagram stories promotions last for only up to 24 hours.

3. Create Expectations

The best way to promote an upcoming product or service is to create video teasers. Improve your marketing results by sharing photos or videos using Instagram Stories and spread the word about your “coming soon” offers faster and smarter.

4. Distinguish Engaging Content

Another great thing about Instagram Stories is that you can actually see which of your stories are getting more views and which aren’t. Once you find out the ones that are generating a better response, it becomes easy for you to post them on your timeline and share them with the public so you get even better response.

5. Improve User Engagement

Apart from posting public updates, sending out stories to influencers and potential customers is a great way to boost user interaction and get more direct replies in your inbox.

6. Event Coverage

If you are getting more attention with events, either by hosting them or participating in them in your local area, than your Instagram promotions, then using Instagram Stories could be a great way to sell your event success and get more coverage on the network.

7. Storytelling

When it comes to business marketing, nothing beats the potential of powerful storytelling. Why not share an interesting story of your business along with some eye-catching photos and videos to entice the receiver to take action?

These are some legitimate ways how you can leverage the benefits of Instagram stories feature and improve your Instagram marketing success by putting in relatively less effort in less time.

And wait, there is another reason why you should probably start creating Instagram stories today. The site recently updated its algorithm and made sure that posts will be displayed on the receiver’s feed on a non-chronological order depending on the extent of likes and comments the story has received. It’s something similar to Facebook’s updated algorithm, which prefers putting updates from families and friends on the notification tab of users.

That apart, Instagram stories can help you generate more interaction in multiple ways, and there is no reason why you should overlook the feature when promoting your business or freelance services.


It’s surprising that a social network that was actually launched for sharing photos has now grown into such an influential platform for business marketing. Photos, videos, captions, hashtags, stories, etc. are designed to help individuals and businesses have more fun and also attract more customers on the platform. Make sure you jump in and grab your share of success.