Instagram surprised everyone when it announced earlier this year that posts appearing on user’s’ feed will no longer be directly proportional to just the accounts that they follow, but instead the featuring of updates would depend more on an algorithm that its software team is working on at the moment. Suddenly people started turning on ‘notification’ of their favorite accounts so they could get their updates on their feed. It only led to a string of photos bombarding everyone’s feed. Amidst the panic, Instagram has requested its users to relax because the algorithm is still in its testing phase and would take months before it’s rolled out.

With so much tension going on, Instagram gave a new video update. The video playing duration has been ramped up from 15 seconds to 60 seconds to let people express more with every video that they post. Why the mega update? Well, one reason is that videos started to gain more popularity on the network and the only complaint from users was the limited duration of 15 seconds. A report from Engadget revealed that the amount of people watching videos increased by 40% in the last six months.

For the past couple of years, videos are being seen as the future of social media marketing by many marketers and business owners. And the launch of 60-second videos by Instagram only seems to be a step taken in the right direction. With its video-centric competitor Snapchat attracting over 100 million users on a daily basis, it becomes quite evident that video marketing is going to evolve and businesses that use it are going to reap big benefits in terms of traffic and engagement.

This means we are going to see some exciting advancements in social media marketing over the next few months – and engagement and creativity will be the key factors that will determine the success of social media promotions.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make miracles happen with videos and engaging content in just 60 seconds.

Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Tip #1. Invest in video editing apps

Video creation can be hard and time-consuming without the right apps. There are dozens of free video editing apps out there – each of them competing with one another in terms of features – so finding some good ones shouldn’t be a problem for you. The apps can help enhance the video color, add background music, transitions, and more. A perfectly edited video is what makes people take notice while anything that lacks great colors and effects will easily be ignored by your followers.

Here are some editing apps you can try:





YouTube Capture

Tip #2. Be consistent in content

Posting without a strategy could seriously affect your engagement on Instagram. Do your own research and come up with a video marketing strategy that is just right for your business. Even better, consider testing with a video series where videos are linked to the ones preceding and succeeding them. This will help generate curiosity among your target audience. By doing so, you might not outsmart Instagram’s algorithm to notify users but posting interesting content definitely invite more loyal followers to your account.

Tip #3. Be consistent in aesthetics

To improve your video quality, it makes sense to experiment with multiple aesthetic ideas. Based on what you feel your people will love, start creating short video clips and introduce your brand to the people right away. And when you do, make sure you use consistent designs and content in your videos.

Some Ideas for Original Instagram Video Content

Tip #4. Go behind the scenes

When people are looking to learn more about your products or services, there is a very good chance that they would be interested in taking a sneak peak into how things are made and what your team is doing behind the scenes. It makes sense to share videos of your product manufacturing process or team get-together. This will help your followers to establish a personal connection with your brand. Small businesses that are looking to find their feet on the social channel can always buy Instagram followers and make up for the reputation gap.

Even interviews, tours, awards, or pranks can help improve your user engagement on Instagram. If you have any doubt, just check out some awards or pranks videos on the platform. You’ll be amazed to notice that they always get more likes and shares than the regular video updates.

Tip #5. Post short teasers of longer videos

Made long videos that do not fit in the 60-second time limitation? Well, in that case, it would be a great idea to use an extra app to break it down into shorter videos. In marketing terms, it’s called re-purposing where you make use of the extra elements and generate more engagement with your social media marketing campaign. Sometimes, people find short teasers more interesting than longer videos because they create curiosity. Why not take advantage of smart video creation?

Tip #6. Get educational

Another great way to entice your target audience with your videos is to share informative, educational content that will help teach them something that they all should know. Factor in the skills and expertise that you have in a particular area and do your research and put down some informative points and finally present them in a short video.

For example, if you are a health and fitness blogger, then a good idea would be that of creating a video highlighting reasons why junk food is bad for health and how they can be substituted with healthy, raw food. Likewise, you can upload a video showing how 30 minutes of exercise every day has saved you from hospital visits in the past decade or so and encourage users to make some healthy changes to their daily routine, so they become healthier and fitter.


Video marketing is becoming more and more popular not just on Instagram but also on social media on the whole. There is no better way than the ideas mentioned above to leverage engagement-based video marketing and generate more leads for your business.