Marketing on Instagram has changed rapidly since the day this platform was released. The majority of instagrammers are between the ages of 18 and 34, which means it mostly targets a very lively, youthful audience base. The youth are continuously changing and coming up with new and creative ideas to challenge the current status quo in many spheres, including marketing strategies. As millions of new users flock to the Instagram block with each passing year, it’s important to understand what the current trend is right now on Instagram and keep connecting with your followers!

#1 – Keeping Current With Top Instagram Photo Trends

The most consistent trend on Instagram tends to be some form of connection between all your photos that you post under your brand name. If you are selling writers services, you may want to post many inspiring quotes or if you are selling top haute couture clothing items, you will probably stick to posting beautiful models in your gorgeous apparel.

All photos that are successful have a few things in common on Instagram: they evoke some kind of rewarding emotion or value to the viewer and they all look visually attractive (you will need good quality stock photos or a good quality camera for using Instagram).

You should also do a search and take a look at the top influencers or top brands in your niche and see what users respond to. This is how new trends are born. For example, it was a fad to post images of peoples legs in any setting relevant to the brand. Other previous photo trends included black and white photography.

#2 – The Best Current Video Trends on Instagram

Videos will bump up your engagement on Instagram, sometimes tenfold! In the current world, the attention span of users continues to dwindle and more often than not, people will sit to watch a short video than read an article. This is what Instagram was designed for however.

The most recent trends for videos on Instagram have been the one-second video as well as posting silent videos (aside from blending with a brands identity and being consistently relevant). One second videos got popularised with a new app launched in 2016 by Instagram called Boomerang. This app allows you to film a one second video clip and loop it over, much like a gif. Take full advantage of this in your marketing campaign and make any image suddenly spring to life and engage your viewers.

Silent videos are a fleeting trend and create a point of interest for the viewer, if done well. These also cater for many people with mobile phones and allows users to watch these videos in any environment, without the need for headphones.

#3 – Instagram Hashtags & Hashtag Trends For Every Business Brand

Hashtags are keywords that you can apply to your posts to make them searchable by users. There are trending hashtags you can use cleverly to your advantage that millions of users search on a daily basis! Here below are a few listed that could apply to any brand or business idea and how to apply them.

#Love – what’s not to love? This is the most popular hashtag on Instagram and users are constantly on the lookout for stuff they can #love.

#Instagood – very catchy, this hashtag was obviously made popular by Instagram itself. Post good quality pics and become #instagood on instagram!

#Follow or #FollowMe – great for attracting new followers. Most people who search this are probably looking for follow backs, so take note to follow back when using this tag.

#PhotoOfTheDay or #PicOfTheDay – reserved for your most cutting edge and stunning photos on your feed.

#TagForLikes – similar to the follow hashtag, this will engage with people to tag your posts. Amazingly popular on Instagram.

#Happy, #Smile, #Beautiful, #Girl, #cute, #tbt (Throwback Thursday), #me are all other examples of hashtags that receive over 100 million users searching for them every single day.

#4 – Making Your Bio Page Stand Out on Instagram

Since there are no clickable links anywhere else on Instagram, just your bio on your profile page, it is definitely a trend to make this stand out. You need to get people to click your bio link to go to your website and get pushed along further down your sales funnel. People have used all sorts of tactics to do this, such as making the write-up quirky or incentivising it with follow-backs.

Another point to note about your bio is that any hashtags placed inside of it will go unnoticed and you may only place one clickable link there, not more than that. Don’t use hashtags in your bio unless you are running a promotion or wish to propagate specific branded tags that help people locate your brand.

#5 – Creating Unique Instagram Accounts For Specific Functions

A trend carried out by major Instagram profiles involves the creation of multiple accounts for different functions. A great example of this would be the brand @Nike for general Nike products, but they also have different profiles for specific footwear, such as @NikeWomen and @NikeRunning. If you have a more complicated business or brand idea and can make more than one account, go for it! You will attract more users to that specific part of your operation and be able to better attract future clients.

#6 – Other Trending Features on Instagram For Marketers To Take Advantage Of

Instagram as a platform is also changing and growing all the time in terms of algorithms used to run the entire show. A new trend marketers need to know about in this regard is that Instagram have changed the way photos will be displayed to users this year. Instead of viewing your profile in a chronological order, the photos are displayed according to the users preferences, relevancy and popularity. Posts with little engagement will fall to the back of your feeds. This just adds more emphasis on quality vs quantity.

Another trend people are turning towards on Instagram is the use of micro-influencers. Major influencers will aid you on your quest to having a following in millions, but micro-influencers are now being noticed as the fastest way to get you into the hundreds of thousands of users. Especially now with the new way feeds are presented to users, you will need to turn to who or what is making a success and get them to endorse your brand!