5 Popular Misconceptions About Using Instagram For Customer Engagement

What was first introduced as a simple mobile app for sharing photos of cats and dogs is now one of the top most online marketing platforms for business from all around the globe. Yes, we are talking about Instagram, the social network that has over 500 million users as of October 2017 and continues to grow rapidly.

If you are looking to advertise or generate leads for your business, Instagram marketing could be the best platform to achieve your goals. The best thing about this site is that it offers equal opportunity to small, medium, and big businesses to advertise and attract clients depending on the effectiveness of their promotion. That said, there are also several misconceptions about using Instagram for business promotions, and we’re going to take a look at some of them in this post. Here you go…

1) Instagram for Big Brands

Did you think that only established brands with a worldwide following and a hefty marketing budget can attract more followers on Instagram? Well think again, small businesses from various niches have attracted 1000s of followers by running budget-friendly marketing campaigns on the platform. Not just businesses, but also bloggers and freelancers have been able to get the attention of the public by running smart advertising campaigns. Fashion bloggers are said to be the biggest gainers of Instagram marketing. It’s amazing that people who started posting pictures as a ‘wannabe fashion star’ have gone on to become influencers in their own industry just by sharing catchy photos and interacting with their audience on a timely manner.

If you are a business that is looking to attract more customers and get the better of your competition, again, Instagram is a great place for you. The only thing you need to have to be highly successful is a reliable marketing strategy.

2) Only Visual Products Work

Some people are of the wrong notion that Instagram is just for businesses that belong to the industry of visual products. For example, smartphones and other gadgets. But, it’s wrong. You can promote your business and make a lot of money even if you offer a service – something that solves people’s problems and is available for a low price that they can actually afford.

However, keep in mind that to be successful as a service provider on Instagram, you need to promote your business in a more creative way through Azily. Put more thinking into your service innovation and also into your advertising options.

No matter what the size of your business is, your goal would be that of posting visually enticing images and videos and getting people to talk about your promotions. But on the other hand, when people find your promotions to be less interesting, they will start thinking “these people aren’t able to convey their messages well, how can I trust them over other companies?”

The sole purpose of online marketing is to develop trust and credibility among the audience – and do that in an entertaining way. There are many service-offering local businesses that attain a high ranking on social media and Google search results just by posting great visuals and following their promotions up with great customer support. So, when you promote your services, make sure you don’t overlook the importance of great visuals and powerful messages.

3) The marketing results are Immeasurable

There is another misconception that Instagram marketing results are non-trackable because they’re either time-consuming or there is too much to measure. However, that isn’t true. Unlike how the tracking method was half a decade ago, these days you have tons of new tools that make marketing results easily measurable and improvable. Whether you are interested to know what your target audience is liking, what people in your industry are talking about, who your followers are following, or what photos your potential customers are liking, there is always a readymade tool to track your results.

Businesses use various Instagram marketing tools to determine their brand’s performance and see how they can improve to get better results. Not just Instagram, there are tools that can help you track your marketing campaign performance across multiple social networks as well.

4) Only Photos are to be posted

When Instagram was launched it was strongly gaining popularity because of its innovative photo-sharing features, businesses and brands started thinking that Instagram is only a place to share photos. But, in recent times, we have seen that brands have been immensely successful by posting quality videos as well. In fact, the good news is, Instagram has increased its video duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, which has delighted many promoters and customers alike.

Businesses that post photos and videos are able to generate high engagement on the platform and attract more likes and followers for their updates. Probably one of the major challenges for marketers could be the competition. There are millions of photos and videos being shared every single day, so advertisers need to work extra hard to get over their competitors and get more popularity on the platform. Not to forget the hashtag factor. In addition to great visuals and powerful messages, it’s important that you use relevant hashtags to reach out to your audience. This will help improve the searchability feature of your posts and get you more likes in the long term.

5) You can sell photos

With the kind of filters and special effects that were available, people even started thinking that they could make simple photos look extraordinary and sell it on the platform. But, that’s not how it works. Instagram has made it clear in its terms and conditions that it is not a platform to sell photos.


There you go! These are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about Instagram. Clearing up a few things can help you do impressive things on the platform. We hope you found the post useful. Cheers!