13 Must-Use Instagram Tools That Will Power Up Your Marketing Efforts

As you are probably aware, Instagram just made headlines for crossing the 500-million user mark. It’s no secret that the platform is growing by the day and is already bigger than even Twitter and LinkedIn in terms of its size and also with regards to providing marketing and sales opportunity for business owners and bloggers.

Over 300 million users are checking out Instagram posts on a daily basis and over 28{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of the American population is active on the network. That’s pretty much to say that the visual content sharing platform has grown into a giant marketing network where business owners can get more traffic, followers, engagement, sales, and much more.

In this post, you will discover a range of tools that will help power up your marketing results so you generate better results and attract more customers for your business. Before that, here is a list of things that you should be doing when promoting your posts on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Checklist

Photo Editing, Video Editing, Hashtag Research, Influencer Identification, Competitions, Content Research, Content Capturing, Content Scheduling, Click Tracking, E-commerce, Multiple Account Management, and Analytics are the core things of a successful Instagram marketing campaign. No matter what the size and scope of your business is, you can get tons of likes and followers by using the following tools. Similarly, you can buy Instagram Followers to augment your marketing efforts. So, here we go…

Hashtag Research

1. Hashtagif

Hashtag marketing is so popular on Instagram, and the best way to spice up your hashtag campaign is to use a tool like Hashtagif. This tool allows you to search the most popular hashtag relevant to specific keywords plus displays ten related hashtags that you can integrate in your post and maximize the reach of your content.

Download photos and videos with captions

2. 4kStogram

Instagram is a place to find inspiring and creative posts for any purpose. But unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow you to directly download images or videos. This is where 4kStogram comes in handy. It’s a free app you can use to download photos and videos on to your computer or laptop with captions. It’s also a great one to explore popular content from other users for reposting.

Content Capturing

3. Lapse It (iOS|Android)

Whether you want to record a new video or convert an existing one into time lapse, Lapse It can help. It’s an easy-to-use tool that lets you create full HD video lapses with background music of your choice. If you prefer fast videos, you can use the tool to speed up yours to up to 240x and share them with your followers. What’s more, the tool also comes with over 50 filters and zoom effects along with many other features to let you create the perfect video for social media posting.

Photo Editing

4. PicPlayPost (iOS|Android)

Using photo editing tools is a great way to use your old content for new promotions. Use PicPlayPost to create a beautiful collage of photos, GIFs, and videos with background music and watermark for enhanced visual appeal and attract more likes for your updates.

5. Photofy (iOS|Android)

Photo-editing being the most important aspect of Instagram marketing, here is one more app you may want to use to improve the quality of your posts: Photofy. It’s a popularly used mobile photo editing tool that comes with a range of features such as filters, lights, mirror effects, templates, meme editing, collage making, free text fonts, and a massive library of over 50,000 graphic elements for content overlay. It’s certainly one photo editing tools that is worth checking out.

Video Editing

6. Vintagio (iOS)

Besides great photos, you need viewer-friendly videos to get more likes and followers on Instagram. On that note, Vintagio could be your go-to editing tool. It comes with several attractive features like video flipping, fades, changing play speed, forward and rewind play, splitting and trimming, classic filters, duplication, transitions, and title cards. Pretty much enough to create magical videos!

Click Tracking

7. Bitly

Bitly needs no introduction. It’s one of the best ever tools you can use to generate tiny URLs of your domain so they fit in the limited space when you are posting on Instagram or Twitter. Of course, using this tool can help you generate shortened clickable links for your Instagram bio. To track your link performance, all that you need to do is go to Google’s URL builder and enter your bitly link. It will help you know where your visitors are coming from.

Content Scheduling

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best content scheduling tools for social media marketing purpose. Using the tool, you can schedule your content for not just Instagram but also other platforms like Facebook and Twitter so your posts get noticed more prominently. Besides scheduling, the tool also allows you to measure some vital metrics like engagement (likes and followers) and analytics.


9. Gleam

Glean is an advanced marketing platform designed to help you grow your business on Instagram. It lets users to gain entry into your competitions by liking your update, following your account, using hashtags, or posting your photos on their timeline.

Using the tool, you can run contest, capture emails, generate leads, and build responsive visual galleries, and even ask participants to redeem their rewards. However, there is free trial only for a limited period after which you need to upgrade to premium plans that start from $39 per month.

E-commerce Instagram Marketing Tools

10. InSelly

If you wish to turn your Instagram account into an e-commerce platform and give a better experience to potential buyers, you must start using InSelly. Unlike other similar tools like Have2Have.It and Curalate, this one allows you to add an image to your timeline and tag it using the hashtag #inselly. Add price details and description to your listing and your post will be up for sale on the platform. Please note thart all transactions on inselly.com are done via Paypal.

Influencer Identification Instagram Marketing Tools

11. Klear

Klear is an all-inclusive social intelligence platform that lets you do smart marketing on Instagram. The tool scans through 500 million profiles and lets you find influencers in any area from any niche for you to work with. It comes with exclusive features that help you analyze influencer profiles and even manage your relationship using private lists.

Account Management

12. Crowdfire

CrowdFire is a popular account management tool that lets you know who is following you, which of your followers are not following you back, who followed you recently, and who is following you but not followed by you. Knowing these vital metrics can help you manage your following more efficiently. However, on the flip side, CrowdFire is a paid tool which is available for a starting price of $9.99 per month for 2 accounts.


13. Social Insight

This tool provides you the Instagram analytics that you have always wanted to keep track of. It helps identify your top followers and differentiate them by interaction, influence, and value. It also allows you to find out the best time to post, which of your posts are performing well, and what’s the engagement rate of your posts. There is so much more. Visit the tool link to find out more.


That’s about it, guys! You have found 13 different tools that can help improve your Instagram marketing reach and success in multiple ways. Make sure to try each one of them and once you do, please remember to come back and share your experience with us. Do let us know how the tools helped you to achieve your Instagram marketing goals in 2016 and whether you have additional suggestions for our readers. Thanks for reading. And happy Instagramming!