10 Superb Strategies That Make Your E-com Store Sensational On Instagram

Instagram can be instrumental in promoting your e-commerce store. It is important to create a lasting impact with each upload on the platform. The product you choose to display and how you portray it matters. Each picture should have a similar theme and style to your brand or website. This makes your brand recognizable among potential clients. But, how do we get it done? Let’s take a look.

1)  Create A Collage Of Pictures

For an e-commerce business, displaying a broad range of products is important. Take advantage of apps like Layout from Instagram to make collages that can show many products at the same time.

2)  Watermark Your Images

To increase awareness about your brand, you can watermark your images with the name of your e-commerce store. Apps like PicLab can be of help.

3)  Use Videos

If you can showcase a product in action, it will be more appealing to the customers. So make use of the one-minute Instagram videos to get more eyeballs and increased traffic.

4)  Utilize Hashtags

It is crucial to raise engagement on the platform, and a combination of unique and relevant hashtags for each image can get you the same. Take a look at the hashtags used by your competitors and incorporate the ones suited for your posts. You can also devise branded hashtags, and as your account moves higher in popularity, users can search for your posts through hashtags.

5)  Run Competitions

Another way to improve engagement and increase awareness is through running contests and competitions. Applications like Iconosquare can be of great help for the same.

6)  Offer Coupons And Discounts

Another to power up your e-commerce store is by giving Instagram exclusive coupons and discount codes. This will prompt the followers to view your website and buy more products. You can also make use of the ‘Instagram Stories’ feature by showcasing your offer of the day.

7)  Use Instagram Direct

You can use Instagram Direct to promote new products competition and to send targeted marketing messages.

8)  Be Present On Instagram

Being active on Instagram can help you find influencers belonging to your domain. You can also keep a close eye on your competitors to observe different strategies they implement. Remember that your target audience will be similar to that of your competitor’s.

9)  Advertise On Instagram

You can advertise on Instagram to achieve objectives like mobile app installs, website conversions, awareness, and engagement.

10)  Integrate WordPress

By integrating your Instagram account with your WordPress website, you will encourage your website visitors to follow you on Instagram. You can make use of plugins like Instagram Slider widget and The Instagram Feed for the same.

Adhere to the tips listed above to reap the amazing benefits of Instagram to make your e-commerce store sensational.