7 Great Tips to Market Your Brand Like a Pro on Instagram

Instagram can look like a completely foreign marketing tool to the unaware business owner, seeking business marketing advice and help with branding their products. However, what many expert social media marketers know is that Instagram is a really great way to get personal with your customers, potentially getting more customers and increasing sales. Below are seven tips to market your business brand like a pro on Instagram:

Tip 1: Understand How Posting On Instagram Works

The first tip for being an expert Instagram marketer is to understand that Instagram is mobile and for mobile devices only! Only tablets and smartphones may use Instagram to upload photos or videos.

The next is that viewers use Instagram, because it’s so much more visual than many other forms of social media with far less reading involved usually. This means the image or video you post has far more weight to it than what you write in your caption. Remember that visual media can convey 1000s of words in a couple of seconds to one’s brain and is actually a far more potent source of information to take in.

Post high quality visual content that leave viewers with the underlying motivation or feeling you are creating with your brand. This is what Instagram users find the most relatable and will begin to identify these underlying motivations with your brand.

Tip 2: Make The Most of Hashtags To Brand Yourself

Hashtags are useful little labels that can be used to search for all posts with that tag written in the caption or comments section. It really makes it convenient for both you and your users to navigate Instagram with.

Use common hashtags to make yourself easily discoverable. For example, if you are a bakery selling hot baked croissants and wish to promote this new item on your menu, you would want to use any combination of hashtags related to it like: #croissant, #FreshlyBaked, #teatime, #bakery, #pastries, etc.

You can also concretise your brand further by popularising your own hashtags in your posts. This could be your brands name, a product or an initiative you want to promote, such as #ExampleBakery or #ExampleCroissant if we use the above example. Search your own hashtags to find out what other Instagramers are saying about your products or not!

Tip 3: Post On A Regular Basis

Show your followers that you are real by posting on a regular basis. This does not mean posting every single hour, but more like 2-5 times a week. The idea is not to dominate their feeds with your greatness, but just to remind the consumer that you are still alive and engaging. It also makes them aware about your products or services and keeps them up-to date with your business.

You also need to be as relatable to your audience as possible; this is the basis on which all social media either fails or succeeds. People want to socialise with other people, they did not come to Instagram to buy goods. Post a mix of your advertisements as well as content the user will find valuable, relating to your brand.

Tip 4: Use Instagram For Engaging Customers With Promotions and Competitions

One of the best ways to engage with customers over Instagram is to host promotions or competitions which force them to feedback and promote your brand. This can be achieved through hashtags, shares, reposts, tags or likes.

An example could be that you host a competition amongst your followers, where the winner will receive a free product or service for the most reposts of your advert or the most shares. Another way could be to simply make a post using your brands hashtag and entering a raffle. Get users to tag as many friends as possible and engage as many other people as possible too. Top marketing at a fraction of the price!

Tip 5: Interact Back With Your Followers

There is no point in using any social media if you do not find a way to engage back with your followers. Talk to them, like their posts and get into their heads better – in other words, connect with people.

People are more likely to invest themselves in a brand or business idea that adds value to their lives and is agreeable with them. As much as engaging with them allows you to see into how they think, it allows them to see how your brand operates. It gives your brand a sense of humanity and transparency that people appreciate.

Interacting with followers could also be a good way to partner with other brands and businesses, by engaging them. If you do collaborative promotions or events with another business too, you will both likely benefit with new followers or customers from the others page.

Tip 6: Targeting Your Local Audience

Most businesses rely solely off of localised clients to function. Instagram will target a global audience if you don’t bring something in to localise your brand in the equation. Add location to your posts and allow Instagram to target people in the areas you post at.

Another great way to get new local business and to keep your local clients engaged further is to add coupons and promotions which are area specific to your posts. This will create a demand for local customers to follow you on Instagram and increase your local client base.

Don’t forget to also advertise any real life events that are taking place to your local Instagram followers! People who enjoy such events will probably follow you to get updates and more.

Tip 7: Run Tests & Analyse Your Target Market

Just like any science, you can run experiments and tests in business too! Use google analytics as well as Iconosphere (previously statigram) to keep track of user statistics. Then come up with different strategies and hypotheses to test out, modifying them each time you notice what did or didn’t work.

These statistics can allow you to understand what posts were the most effective, who your top engagers are (knowing them will show you a good indication of what your consumer thinks) and how to progress forward on Instagram to further promote your brand.

Some people like to keep track on the number of times their profile link was clicked in their bios and neither of the above programs allow for this. A suggestion is to use a link abbreviator, like bit.ly to make your profile link traceable by google.