8 Must-Have Tools for Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

There are many ways to gain more popularity on Instagram. Posting visually enticing photos, GIFs and animated videos, running contests, using hashtags to promote a post, and collaborating with influencers are some of the most popular ways how business owners and marketers are getting more attention on the platform. In this post, you will find some tips and tricks to spice up your marketing results and grow your network on Instagram.

As you are probably aware, Instagram’s new algorithm allows people to see photos and videos that are similar to the ones they have liked or commented on more frequently. With smart planning and using the right tools, you can entice your audience into following your account and liking your updates more frequently. But let’s not forget that in addition to creating visually appealing images and videos, it’s also important that you craft powerful messages that get your story out to the public in a convincing manner. Would you like to get more likes and followers on Instagram?

Use the following tools and strategies to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign that helps you make more connections and ultimately more money for your business. Compared to Facebook, Instagram gets 58 times increased engagement for brands and marketers.

1) Dash Hudson (for powerful data insights)

The best way to understand your target audience is to get deep insights into their activities. Dash Hudson is an effective tool that generates important analytics to help you track your content performance, followers’ activity, and influential users on Instagram.

The tool lets you distribute content that creates awareness about your brand ultimately generate a higher ROI on your marketing investments on what is considered the fastest-growing social media network in the world. Additional features include scheduled content posting, user-generated content search, and hassle-free shopping experience to customers. Use the tool to stand out from the crowd and get more subscribers and customers for your business.

2) Mav2Go (for content scheduling)

Posting regularly is good, but posting quality content at the right time is better. If you have a great image or video that you think will go viral on Instagram, then it makes sense to use a content scheduling and posting tool like Mav2Go. It’s available for iOS users and using the tool is a great way to save your time and also increase your engagement on the platform.

3) A Beautiful Mess (to add a new life to your photos and videos)

Editing can be tedious if you are doing it on your mobile phone. Use A Beautiful Mess to create shareworthy photos which you can customize and upload on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s a free app that can be downloaded on Google Play and iOS. Use the app to explore a range of custom text fonts, filters, and doodles to enhance the visual appeal of your photos.

4) HashMe (to generate targeted hashtags)

Creating great post is one thing but making them easily searchable for your target audience is the other thing – the important thing. HashMe is a helpful tool that lets you add targeted keywords at a push of a button. As of now, it’s available for Google Play and iOS. Use the app and expand your content reach to get more visitors and new followers on Instagram.

5) Typorama (to create text overlays on Images)

If you are a regular Instagrammer, you would have noticed that accounts that post inspiring quotes always get more followers and likes on Instagram. Do you wish to create and post inspiring quotes? If so, look no further than Typorama. The tool makes it possible to choose from a range of attractive texts an font styles and create text overlays on your images. It encompasses a massive image gallery called Pixabay which comprises tons of royalty free images.

6) Pretty links and Bit.ly

When you are promoting your products and services on Instagram, chances are that you would be getting a lot of visitors to your website. To know how many have visited your site or blog from your Instagram profile, make sure to use tools like Pretty links and bit.ly.

7) Iconosquare (to get analytics)

Tracking your marketing campaign performance and your followers activity is as important as promoting your business itself. Check out reliable powerful analytics tools like Iconosquare, Union Metrics, and Crowdfire to measure a range of metrics that can help you track your results and see where and how you can improve.

8) Later (to improve your content marketing campaign)

Having a reliable content strategy is as important as posting great photos and videos. Later is a reliable content marketing tool that will help you schedule your posts for peak time posting days in advance. When you share content at the time when your target audiences are most active, your chances of being seen are pretty high. Make sure to include Later in your Instagram marketing tools list.


Getting out a product or service to millions of people on Instagram is a tedious task. However, by having the right strategy in place and using the best tools to simplify your tasks, you can reach a lot of people in less time.

We hope the tools listed above will help improve your marketing campaign to a great extent, and more so if you are just getting started with Instagram marketing. Happy Instagramming!