5 Ways to Use Instagram Videos For Your Business

If you are promoting your business on the Internet, there are two channels that you know you can’t ignore: email and social media. While the former is pretty straightforward, the latter comprises a number of platforms so it’s easy to get confused as to which one you should choose.

However, one of the most effective of them all is Instagram, one of the fastest growing social media channels with over 500 registered users worldwide. The thing about Instagram is, unlike many other social media channels, it lets you take advantage of visual content marketing, which includes photos and videos – and of course, great captions, hashtags, background music and so on. While it’s always a smart choice to buy Instagram followers to boost your recognition, posting great videos can help take your reach to the next level.

Now that Instagram has elevated its video duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, it makes sense to leverage the power of video marketing and get more followers and likes for your account so that you’ll get a bigger publicity for your business.

Here are some ways how you can use Instagram videos to promote your business.

Tips to create great videos for marketing:

If you wish your video promotion to be more successful, it’s important that you start thinking less about your brand and more about your target audience. It’s all about showcasing the best features of your products and services in a way that entices people to take action. Here are some tips to create powerful videos for Instagram marketing:

1. Make legitimate testimonial videos that have your customers tell people why they loved your product or service or doing business with you.
2. Shoot real videos showing your existing customers using your product and share their experience as they do so.
3. Create an image gallery of your products and put the images together in one video.
4. Include relevant hashtags and interactive captions to maximize your reach and also to get a better response from the audience.
5. Use videos to run Instagram contests.
6. Post teasers of your upcoming product or service.
5 Ways to Use Instagram Video

1. To Give A Quick Product Demo

Showing your potential customers how to use your product can go a long way in influencing their purchasing decision. Make a short tutorial video and post it on your timeline.

2. To Answer FAQs

When it comes to selling more, be it a product or a service, what matters more is how you’re able to convince your audience that you are a better choice than your competitors. So, why not create a FAQ video and share it with your audience to provide an extended support? Any potential buyer would love it!

3. To Boost User Interaction

If you are looking to make your contests more successful, it makes sense to ask your followers to post a video consisting of your #hashtag. Or ask them to send in their queries and make another FAQ video answering their questions related to your product or service.  This will make them feel connected and generate more likes and comments for your promotions.

4. To Showcase Your Best Work

Do you have a nice portfolio or client base that you wish to highlight so you earn the trust of your followers? If so, then use 60-second Instagram videos to highlight the best features of your product or service or “before and after” results of your work.

5. To Promote Upcoming Events

Hosting events or even participating in them can be a great way to attract many local clients to your business. As powerful as event marketing is, videos can go a long way in elevating the results of your promotions. Whether you are conducting an online or an offline event, make sure to create a kickass video teaser to alert thousands of users about the same. Using powerful captions and location specific hashtags can help take improve your results even further.

How to Measure The Results

Apart from promoting your business on Instagram, it’s important that you measure the results across multiple social platforms. On that note, SumAll could be of great help to you. The tool allows you to view the sudden spike in user engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even your website.

By implementing these techniques, you should be able to run a successful video marketing campaign on Instagram. And get better results!