4 Terrific Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be On Instagram

We all know that Instagram has grown from zero to 500 million registered users in just its seventh year. And the numbers are growing rapidly. This is by no means an ordinary achievement for a site that was initially available to only mobile users.

No matter how many social channels have arrived, Instagram is one of the biggest success stories of the century with regards to online presence. Only such a platform with a massive global presence can help produce dramatic results for business promotions. Before we take a look at some reasons why you must put your brand on the Instagram map, here are some interesting facts you might want to know.

  • Interesting facts about Instagram
  • Instagram was launched in 2010 and crossed 500 million users by mid-2016.
  • The mobile app was purchased by Facebook in 2012 at a time when it had only 30 million registered users.
  • More than 60{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of Instagram users are active on a daily basis, and this makes it the world’s second most actively used platform just behind Facebook.
  • 50.8{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of brands have an Instagram presence
  • Over 90{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of Instagram users are aged below 35.
  • Instagram is the world’s most engaging platform – it has an engagement rate that is ten times more than Facebook, 54 times more than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

There is so much happening, and brands that are promoting their products and services creatively are making money. These are more than enough reasons to state that your brand must be active on Instagram.

What’s the secret mantra to succeed with Instagram marketing? Well, your advertising success comes down to one thing: spreading the word about your business to as many people as possible in an engaging way. When tens of thousands of other brands are doing it (and succeeding), why not you?

Here are four terrific reasons why your brand should be actively advertising on Instagram.

1. Leverage The Power Of Visual Content Marketing

Studies suggest that 90{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of the information perceived by the brain is visual. It includes colors, shapes, font styles, sizes, etc. Luckily, Instagram allows you to promote high-quality visual content no matter what your products are.

Kissmetrics conducted a study and found that content with visual elements get 94{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} more views than the ones without images. Instagram is all about visual content.

Check out the Instagram account of American Express. They sell their cards like hot cakes even without focusing on their cards. Sharpie is another classic example of the case. These brands generate a lot of sales not by posting pictures all day long but by focusing on delivering what their customers like.

Instagram has a unique taste for visual content of its own. If you are looking for some great ideas to get started, here are some tips:

  • To determine what your customers like, it always helps to go for some experimentation. Share content that you think your people will love and share content similar to the ones that are already getting a lot of hits in your industry.
  • Think of your visual content as a person and add emotions to it. At the end of the day, you are promoting your stuff to humans and not robots. So having a bit of emotion like humor or sentiment might grab the attention of your audience.
  • Give your visitors a quick preview of how your products are made. Post some great manufacturing shots as well as ‘a day at work’ photos of your staff. This will help create trust and a personal relationship with your brand.

2. Brand Awareness and Sales

Social media is also influencing people’s purchasing decision. Here is an interesting report that says 38{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of buyers trust social media opinions when looking to purchase a product. And 35{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of online buyers have the habit of comparing social media retailers when searching for a product for their home or office use.

These are some convincing reasons why Instagram is a great platform to promote (and sell) your products. Take the opportunity to advertise your products to a growing network of users and show them what you’ve got, so even people who are not looking to buy your products might develop an interest to make a purchase. Ultimately, Instagram is a place where brands that sell great stuff are recognized and rewarded in terms of sales and profits.

Camping with Dogs is one of the thousands of brands that have been benefited Instagram marketing. The brand claims to have generated 95{d0c798de109c35e332cec028230263efb43f3a53a804d504ddaad368299d1be2} of its sales from paid Instagram Ads.

By the way, here’s a new bonus: Instagram offers business profiles for owners looking to sell their products. Just sign up for a business account instead of an individual account and you can include additional details about your business like location, contact details, and your following. For more details, please check out the site’s business account section.

3. Instagram is Fun

Apart from business opportunities that the platform gives, Instagram is a pretty cool network to explore some creative ideas. With the DM option, you can message anyone directly and make new friends which could lead to fruitful associations.

What’s more, by following popular brands from outside of your niche, you will get the opportunity to connect with influencers and brand owners who might be interested in doing business with you. Also, you can analyze how they are succeeding with their promotions and implement their strategies in your campaign, which could be new to your audience.

Instagram is also a great place to gain awareness about things outside your business, explore inspiring quotes, and get the motivation to complete your daily tasks. Overall, it’s a great place for relaxation as well. Remember, these are an extra bonus you get in addition to more likes, followers, and sales. Isn’t it amazing that you get so many things at just one place?

Coming back to business, here are some brands that have a massive following on the network:

  • National Geographic
  • Starbucks
  • Disney
  • Oreo

They get an insane number of likes for their updates. If you feel that you’re left behind, it makes sense to consider buying Instagram Likes from Azily for your posts and updates.

4. High level of user Engagement

In addition to helping brands create awareness about their products and services, Instagram also helps marketers keep their audience engaged. As we said earlier, Instagram engagement is ten times higher than even Facebook. Instagram photos are like magnets that attract likes and followers in no time. Come on, who doesn’t like to scroll down a visually engaging page and explore more information presented in an engaging format?


Here’s another reason why you should be on Instagram: Pope Francis has an account!